Dark Nights


The closed nights, the so-called dark nights, begin on December 8th.

As a Christian holiday we celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Mary.
It’s not a miscalculation by the church and it’s not about the conception of Jesus, it’s about Mary’s mother Anna (the primal mother, the earth mother) receiving the pure seed.

A dark night, like a rough night , always runs from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.

They come from the fact that the outside has also been tidied up. The last tools and things from the garden were secured, taken inside to be repaired or disposed of.
Nothing more is done about the rough nights.

As on the outside, so also on the inside.

If we tidy up something on the outside, let’s also tidy up on the inside. If we tidy up the inside, this transfers to the outside.
Our psyche works quite simply.
Their controls are rituals and ceremonies.


Traditionally, on these days you look back, let go of what needs to be let go and preserve what needs to be preserved.

Like the preview in the rough nights, you are looking back these days.

Once a year, tidy up everything and start the rough nights clarified.

What have I experienced?
What have I learned?
Which people did I meet?
what touched me


  • December 8 – Lockdown: January
  • December 9 – Lockdown: February
  • December 10 – Lockdown: March
  • December 11 – Lockdown: April
  • December 12 – Lockdown: May
  • 13 December – Lockdown: June
  • December 14 – Lockdown: July
  • December 15 – Lockdown: August
  • December 16 – Lockdown Night: September – Portal Day
  • December 17 – Lockdown Night: October – Portal Day
  • December 18 – Lockdown Night: November – Portal Day
  • December 19 – Lockdown Night: December – Portal Day – Full Moon


You need:

  • a glass jar
  • an envelope
  • 6 slips of paper per day
  • pencils

You take a little time on the appropriate day, sit down and write to yourself from the appropriate month

  • 3 events/occurrences to let go of
  • 3 pot of gold moments

Each on a piece of paper.

The good ones in the potty and the bad ones in the crop.
The good ones in the glass.
Put them in the envelope.

As a conclusion, the Ollen are ceremoniously burned on Jul, and the ashes are then given to the earth, the wind or the water.
The smoke is the only thing that dissolves before our eyes and so we can watch the transformation that takes place inside us at the same time through the ritual of burning.

The good ones are there to put a smile on your face in dark moments and remind you of the light.


Gold treasure moments are those moments that bring a smile to our faces when we remember them.

We experience MANY pot-of-gold moments, but our brains are designed to learn from danger and remember negative experiences better. This is a very old story from the Stone Age (or the Middle Ages, or the school days…) for many many generations, attention has been drawn to the negative and we have been kept in survival mode.
Which, by the way, is quite unfavorable (fight-flight-freeze/fight-flight-play dead).

But we can reprogram our wonderful system.
For example, through something like collecting pot of gold moments.

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