Galactic Activation Portals

GAP Days – Portal Days

GAP days are special days on which the gaps in between are open.
The gaps, the spaces between everything.
The cosmic, between dimensions, between worlds and between our cells.


The Matrix . All matter that exists consists of vibrating information. Made of tiny particles that are connected to each other through attraction and vibration through the BETWEEN.

To put it another way: the ether.
Ether is called AKASHA in Sanskrit . Thus one can say that the Akash is open.
The BETWEEN all being that contains everything and connects everything.
Here you can create, create and change.

In our present time everything, including the Akash, is always open and accessible. On the portal days, however, it is all the easier to feed in dreams, to get in touch, to feed in information or to reprogram something.


The Mayan year has 260 days – our year has 365 days.

The Maya year has 52 portal days.

The Maya year has 20 central days.

The Tzolkʼin

Center days

Center days are 20 days in the middle of a Mayan year.
They represent the spine of the Tzolkien man

will be continued