Step into the sacred dance of existence guided by a Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher. Weaving cosmic tales and harmonizing the sacred feminine and masculine through both human and divine spirituality.

Sabine Angel in Bali
©2024 Rahul KL

Energy and Healing Specialist: Unveiling the mysteries of subtle energies, I guide transformative healing experiences—a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern understanding. This isn’t just healing; it’s a sacred alchemy, a union of universal forces within.

Mind-Body Wellness Coach: Orchestrating a harmonious existence amidst the symphony of mind and body, I inspire a dance of balance—a path of conscious connection accessible to everyone.

Spiritual Alchemist and Connector: Alchemy isn’t about turning base metals into gold; it’s the art of transforming knowledge into profound wisdom. As a connector, I bridge the tangible and intangible, the earthly and divine, welcoming seekers of all paths.

Metaphysical Wellness Practitioner: Beyond the physical, I explore metaphysical realms, enriching well-being by delving into the spiritual dimensions of existence. It’s a journey that transcends the ordinary—a sacred exploration for all seeking a deeper understanding.

In the tapestry of life, I have woven my own online courses—a celebration of learning grounded in the authenticity of tangible connections. Here, each insight is a step toward the realization of your infinite potential, a dance of awakening guided by the universal balance within.

My Multifaceted Journey of Learning

continuallyTeaching & TrainingDivine RealmsLife
Jun 24Eye Yoga TeacherProf. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D.
Jun 24Real Manifesting PractitionerMelissa Crowhurst
Jun 24Non-surgical Facelift IIDanielle Collins
May 24GRACE INTEGRITY®Patricia Saint Clair
May 24Natural Face Lift – Face YogaDanielle Collins
May 24Aura Reading and AnalysisAstrid, the psychic Witch
May 24Key to limitless powerMarianne Williamson
May 24The SourceLouise Hay
May 24Remove Blocks to Psychic Power with Past Life TherapySal Jade
May 24Soul retrieval & Trauma healingLinda Adesh
May 24Love and healing relationshipsJana Haas
May 24Caring for yourself and othersPater Anselm Grün
May 24Queen & SamuraiAndrea & Veit Lindau
Feb 24HealingDivine UnionIndia, Tamil Nadu, Auroville
Jan 24Goddess ReactivationDivine UnionIndia, Tamil Nadu, Madurai
Jan 24PurificationDivine UnionIndia, Tamil Nadu, Rameswaran
Jan 24Ma Bharat LightingDivine UnionIndia, Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari
Jan 24ExplorationDivine UnionIndia, Kerala
Dec 23Ravanas EmporiumDivine UnionSri Lanka
Dec 23Staarseed GatheringDivine UnionSri Lanka – Stargate
Dec 23Egypts Hidden Secrets IIDivine UnionEgypt
Nov 23Self RealizationDivine UnionIndia, Uttarakhand
Oct 23Earthgate of PurificationDivine RealmsBali
Oct 23Death & ResurrectionBaba TeachingVaranasi
Aug 23Yoga Teacher TrainingVarious InstructorsIshavasya Yoga School Rishikesh
Aug 23Aerial Yoga TeacherArjun SharmaIshavasya Yoga School Rishikesh
Aug 23Cerridwen Mam Dywyll – Dark MotherBee HelygenPriestess of Cerridwen
Jul 23Tempel ConnectionDivine RealmsNepal
Jun 23Female Parvati JourneyDivine RealmsIndia, Himachal
Jun 23Cerridwen Arglwyddes y Llyn – Lady of the LakeBee HelygenPriestess of Cerridwen
Jun 23KedarnathDivine RealmsPilgrimage
May 23AshramVarious InstructorsOsho Gangadham
May – Sep 23Shiva & ShakriDivine RealmsIndia, Uttarakhand
Apr 23Tempel ConnectionDivine RealmsNepal
Apr 23Starseed & Gods ExplorationDivine RealmsTurkey
May 23Calon o Gariad: Heart to heart – soul to soulBee HelygenPriestess of Cerridwen
Mar 23Ritual: Creating the homo luminousDivine RealmsSouth Africa
Mar 23Enki Starseed ExplorationDivine RealmsSouth Africa
Mar 23Cerridwen Aderyn Tan – PhoenixBee HelygenPriestess of Cerridwen
Mar 23Avalon Deep DiveDivine RealmsGlastonbury, UK
Feb 23Swynwraig – Nature’s Medicine for the modern Wise Wo-man with the magical touch Bee HelygenPriestess of Cerridwen
Feb 23Pregnancy Yoga Teacher TrainingJessica FlemingYACEP
Jan 23Kids Yoga Teacher TrainingJessica FlemingYACEP
Jan 23Breathwork Teacher TrainingJessica FlemingYACEP
Jan 23I-ChingRon Masa & Debbie Hart
Jan – Feb 23Egypts Hidden SecretsDivine RealmsEgypt
Dec 22Mary Magdalene PilgrimageDivine RealmsIsrael
Dec 22Mam Ysbrydoliaeth – Mother of the Awen/ InspirationBee HelygenPriestess of Cerridwen
Dec 22Seasonal Festivals Throughout the Year.Daniela StarkeIsolde Richter
Dec 22Temple Treasures by Priestesses of AvalonPriestesses of AvalonGoddess Temple Avalon
Nov 22Witches & Fairy ExcursionDivine RealmsScottland
Nov 22Mother of Water Retreat – Embracing Her Healing FlowPriestesses of AvalonGoddes House Avalon
Nov 22Goddess AstrologyKyah MayGoddes House Avalon
Nov 22Temple Treasures by Priestesses of AvalonPriestesses of AvalonGoddess Temple Avalon
Nov 22Goddess Ceridwen PilgrimageDivine RealmsWales, Lake Bala
Oct 22Samhain CelebrationPriestesses of AvalonGoddess Temple Avalon
Oct 22Temple Treasures by Priestesses of AvalonPriestesses of AvalonGoddess Temple Avalon
Oct 22Witches WalkPriestesses of AvalonGoddess Temple Avalon
Oct 22Initiatrix – Wisdom Keeper of the CauldronBee HelygenPriestess of Cerridwen
Oct 22Goddess Sound HealingElsa FieldGoddes House Avalon
Sep 22Mabon CelebrationPriestesses of AvalonGoddess Temple Avalon
Sep 22Banbha RetreatAnna Saqqara PriceGoddes House Avalon
Sep 22Temple Treasures by Priestesses of AvalonPriestesses of AvalonGoddess Temple Avalon
Sep 22Priestess of Cerridwen – Healer – Seer – Wisdom KeeperBee HelygenGoddess Temple Avalon
Sep 22AvalonDivine RealmsLife
Aug 22Leyline & Stonecircle ExcursionDivine RealmsFrance, Correze & Bretagne
Aug 22Lughnasad CelebrationPriestesses of AvalonGoddess Temple Avalon
Jul 22Avalon JourneyDivine RealmsLife
Jul 22Chakra Energy HealerMelissa CrowhurstNatural Healer
Jul 22Advanced Crystal HealerMelissa CrowhurstNatural Healer
Jul 22Crystal Energy HealerMelissa CrowhurstNatural Healer
Jun 22Qigong – Opening the Energy Gates of the Body IIRalph HeberBruce Frantzis
Jun 22Diet & Nutrition CoachCPD
Jun 22Inner Work For AscensionNicky Sutton
Jun 22Intuitive & Psychic Development CourseNicky Sutton
Jun 22Peaceful Warrior
Jun 22Tantra and the Art of Concious TouchShaft Uddin
Jun 22Face Yoga TeacherYoga Vidya
May 22Meeting of the Intergalactic Incarnated Federates IIISabine Angel
May 22Love yourselfLouisa L. Hay
May 22Ayurveda for Balanced Lifestyle – MastercourseDr. Pragya Gupta
May 22Crystal Children PractitionerTanja MagdaleneAOAM
May 22Karuna Qi & Quantum Reiki HealingMaster Antojai/ Msc. D. Axél Carrasquillo
May 22Shamanic Inka ReikiKaren PrietoInternational School Alien Meditation
May 22Tantra – Goddess ActivationShaft Uddin
Apr 22Atlantian Reiki & Lemurian LightNickolas Mparalos
Apr 22Kundalini Reiki MasterBerardino Nardella
Apr 22Aromatherapy Basic CourseUte Leube & Kurt L. NüßlingPrimavera
Apr 22The Alien Codes: Starseed DNA & Egyptian Aliens ConnectionKaren PrietoInternational School Alien Meditation
Apr 22The Missing SecretDr. Joe Vitale
Apr 22The SectretDr. Joe Vitale
Mar 22Shakti Warrior DanceAlice Bracegirdle
Mar 22Angelic Ho’oponopono PractitionerZen Toronto
Mar 22The Atlantean Divine Alchemist Carly Jane
Mar 22Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20Aimee Phlegar
Mar 22Pleiadian Crystal ReikiCandra Spears
Mar 22Laughter YogaMichael Dale
Mar 22Reiki Space ClearingMelissa Crowhurst
Mar 22Diploma in Yoga TrainingCPD Activity
Mar 22Ho’Oponopono PractitionerDr. Joe Vitale
Feb 22Cosmic Genesis ~ Art of Cosmic Rebirth & Energy ActivationSteven Sehgal
Feb 22Usui Reiki MasterMelissa CrowhurstNatural Healer
Feb 22Usui Reiki – Practitioner IIMelissa CrowhurstNatural Healer
Feb 22Usui Reiki – Practitioner IMelissa CrowhurstNatural Healer
Feb 22Spiritual Life CoachEmily RiveraTransformation Academy
Feb 22Energy Protection & BoundariesSufani GarzaINHA
Feb 22ChannelerSufani GarzaINHA
Feb 22Anti-Aging Face YogaDanielle Collins
Feb 22Definitive Guide to the Akashic RecordsJulian Jenkins
Feb 22Meditation GuideMelissa CrowhurstNatural Healer
Feb 22Dream Changer – Experience Dreams ConsciouslySOP POS
Feb 22Discover the Energy BodyJames Seriph
Feb 22Colour & Art Energy HealerMelissa CrowhurstNatural Healer
Feb 22Hypno TherapistJafeth Mariani
Jan 22The Real SecretDr. Joe Vitale
Jan 22Women’s Holistic CoachJessica FlemingAnjali Academy
Jan 22EFT Emotional Freedom TechniquesJan-Marc Eckert
Jan 22Coach for Vagus TrainingClaudia Detjen
Jan 22Baby MassageUlrich Pötter
Jan 22Yin Yoga TeacherJessica FlemingYACEP
Jan 22Quantum EmbodimentPh.D Brian Sheen
Jan 22Ho’Oponopono PractitionerZen Toronto
Jan 22Personality and Character DevelopmentRehman Zafar
Jan 22Meditation CourseAlexander Philipp Wiemann
Jan 22Yoga Teacher TrainingMerve Kuşçuoğlu
Jan 22Mudra YogaProf. Krishna N. Sharmavirtued Academy International
Jan 22Non-surgical FaceliftDanielle Collins
Dec 21 / Jan 22Meeting of the Intergalactic Incarnated Federates IISabine Angel
Dec 21NLP PractitionerMarius Sternitzke
Dec 21Twelve Holy NightsAnnie Lauer
Dec 21Coach for energetic spinal alignmentClaudia Detjen
Dec 21Life in happiness & prosperityChris Hohlstamm von Dehnen zu Wendhausen
Dec 21Energy MedicineAlberto Villoldo
Oct 21Master of EnergiesStefanie Kosmalla
Oct 21Certified HypnotistJan-Henrik GüntherTherMedius®-Institut
Oct 21Real MagicMarc Aurel
Oct 21Channeling with AngelsPatricia Seiberl
Sep 21Qigong – Opening the Energy Gates of the BodyRalph HeberBruce Frantzis
Aug/Sep 21Akashic Chronic RecordsGabrielle Orr
Aug 21Meeting of the Intergalactic Incarnated FederatesSabine Angel
Aug 21Intensive SeminarMichael Roads
Jun/Jul 21Shine your light – HealerStefanie Kosmalla
Jun 21Live who you areDaniela Polenz
Jan 21In-between Time 2021Daniela Polenz
Oct 19Inner EarthChrista Jasinski
Sep 19We are creatures of the forestWolf-Dieter Storl
Jul 19Avalon JourneyJeanne Ruland, Melanie Missing, Onitani
Nov 18Hypnosis Basic TrainingAnton Späth TherMedius®-Institut
Sep 18Temple NightDaniela Polenz
Jul 18Temple NightDaniela Polenz
May 18Death and ResurrectionFranz MittermairInstitut für Gestalt und Erfahrung
Apr. 18Astral Travel IIIJonathan DilasDie Matrixxer
Mar 18Intensive CoachingRalph Valenteano
Oct 17The ShadowTorsten ZilcherInstitut für Gestalt und Erfahrung
Jul 17SundanceLakota tradition
May 17Intensive SeminarMichael Roads
Mar 17Astral Travel IIJonathan DilasDie Matrixxer
Jan 17Lover’s JourneyFranz MittermairInstitut für Gestalt und Erfahrung
Dec 16Family CirclesFranz MittermairInstitut für Gestalt und Erfahrung
Oct 16Hero’s JourneyFranz MittermairInstitut für Gestalt und Erfahrung
Jul 16SundanceLakota tradition
Mar 16Astral Travel IDie Matrixxer
May 15Channeling Training IIChristian WeingärtnerGeistreich Coachings
Apr 15Channeling TrainingChristian WeingärtnerGeistreich Coachings
Nov 14Mediumship Training – Contact with Angels and Light BeingsAnja Camiaris von OertzenBewusst Sein im Inntal
Jul 14SundanceLakota tradition
Feb 14Animal CommunicationSilvia WagnerSeelengemeinschaft Mensch und Tier
Jul 13SundanceLakota tradition
Jul 12SundanceLakota tradition
Jul 12Positive Feeling IntensificationClaudia M. MüllerElla Kensington
Apr 12Positive FeelingClaudia M. MüllerElla Kensington
12 – 14Osteopathy TrainingArnd ClostermannInstitut für Heilpraktiker
Jan 12Zen RetreatDomicilium Weyarn
Dec 11Reiki IV / TeacherNadine Fritz
Dec 11Reiki III / MasterNadine Fritz
Sep 11Introduction to Bach Flower TherapyMarkus HeineckInstitut für Heilpraktiker
Jul 11Crystal PranaMaster Sai CholletiPrana Germany e.V.
May 11Face Reading Experience SeminarWaltraud BrixIm Kraftquell
Apr 11Introduction to Ear AcupunctureMarkus HeineckInstitut für Heilpraktiker
Mar 11Introduction to Foot Reflexology IIMarkus HeineckInstitut für Heilpraktiker
Feb 11Share Care I Seminar Cranio SacralUpledger e.V.
Feb 11Introduction to Foot Reflexology IMarkus HeineckInstitut für Heilpraktiker
Dec 10Psycho Prana (Prana III)Master Sai CholletiPrana Germany e.V.
Dec 102012Master Zayaab Kann
Nov 10Advanced Pranic Healing® (Prana II)Master Sai CholletiPrana Germany e.V.
Sep 10Introduction to Korean Hand AcupunctureBettina SchmidtInstitut für Heilpraktiker
10 – 12Naturopath TrainingVarious InstructorsVarious Instructors
Aug 10Basic Pranic Healing® Course (Prana I)Master Sai CholletiPrana Germany e.V.
Jul 10Kundalini Reiki / TeacherKarin Weißbrod
Jul 10Kuthumi Animal Light Healing / TeacherKarin Weißbrod
Jul 10Earth Angel – Animal Healing / TeacherKarin Weißbrod
Jul 10Baraka / TeacherKarin Weißbrod
Jun 10Aura Flush / TeacherKarin Weißbrod
Jun 10Glass Rose / TeacherDaniela Wandl
May 10Reiki IINadine Fritz
May 10Healer SeminarUrsel Dreger
Apr 10Hands of Jesus / TeacherUte Feifel
Apr 10Clear View Energy / TeacherClaudia Reiter
Mar 10The Wisdom of Merlin / TeacherOksana Fiechtelmann
Feb 10Angel Wings / TeacherOksana Fiechtelmann
Jan 10Reiki INadine Fritz
Jan 10The Mahatma EnergyOksana Fiechtelmann
Dec 09I Know What You’re Thinking!Torsten Havener
Dec 09The Tongue Can Lie – The Body Never DoesSamy Molcho
Nov 09The Pepperoni StrategyProf. Dr. Jens Weidner
Oct 09The Liberating Approach to MistakesSchwester Teresa Zukic
Sep 09Your Memory, the Eighth WonderMarkus Hofmann
Aug 09La Compostela (Camoni de Santiago)Divine RealmsPilgrimage
Jul 09Hathor ReunionDivine RealmsEgypt
Jun 06Facial Aesthetics – Anti-Aging ConsultantMs PfefferkornAgera Institut
Dec 05Channeling of Master Kuthumi Lal SinghLal Singh
Oct 05Intuitive IntelligenceDr. Jeet Liuzzi
Dec 04Egypt ExplorationDivine RealmsEgypt
Sep 04Psychological Counselor – Personal CoachRemote StudyILS
Dental TechnitianMeier & Hueber
Jun 97Dance into the lightMichael Barnett
May 97ShiatsuVHS