Navigating Cosmic Gateways

Unveiling the Magic of Mayan Calendar – GAP Days, Portals, and Center Days
  • The Mayan year has 260 days – our year has 365 days.
  • The Maya year has 52 portal days.
  • The Maya year has 20 central days.

Embark on a journey through the mystical realms of the Mayan calendar, where time transcends its conventional boundaries, and the cosmic BETWEEN unfolds. In this exploration, we delve into the enigmatic world of GAP days, Portaldays, and Center days – each holding a key to unlocking the portals between dimensions, worlds, and the very fabric of our existence.

GAP Days: Galactic Activation Days

The Mayan year, a sacred dance of 260 days, weaves a cosmic tapestry distinct from our conventional 365-day cycle. Within this tapestry, 52 days stand as portals, known as GAP days or Galactic Activation Days. These days unravel the BETWEEN – the cosmic spaces connecting dimensions, worlds, and the very essence of our cells.

Picture the ether, referred to as AKASHA in Sanskrit, where the BETWEEN is OPEN. The Akash, the repository of all existence, connects and encompasses everything. On Portaldays, these cosmic gaps are wide open, facilitating the infusion of dreams, connections, information, and the opportunity for profound reprogramming.

The Tzolkʼin: Celestial Architecture of Human Form

At the heart of Mayan wisdom lies the Tzolkʼin, a celestial architecture resembling a human form. Center days represent the spine, akin to the backbone of the cosmic being, while Portaldays extend as the arms and legs, reaching out into the cosmic expanse. Each day within the Tzolkʼin resonates with a specific tone and sign, creating a unique energy that we can harness and utilize.

Thin Veils and Inner Realms: The Essence of Portaldays

According to Mayan wisdom, Portaldays are moments when the veils between worlds grow thinner. These celestial occurrences, calculated based on specific star alignments and etched into stone tablets by the Maya, amplify our connection to our true inner selves and the vastness of existence.

As immortal beings confined within human bodies, the thinning veils provide a glimpse beyond the forgotten knowledge – our metaphysical, multidimensional nature as beings of light and love. Portaldays serve as opportunities to rediscover our divine essence, reconnect with our potential, and explore past lives.

Cosmic Energies and Transformation on Portaldays

Portaldays, as cosmic gateways, usher in intense energies that support our evolutionary journey. The cosmic door swings open, triggering the release and transformation of lower vibrational energies within. For those who have harmonized their internal realms, these days bring a heightened sense of well-being, enhanced manifestations, and a direct alignment with their true vibrational frequency.

However, for those with unresolved aspects, Portaldays act as catalysts, bringing to the surface physical discomforts, emotional challenges, and encounters that demand introspection and transformation. Embracing these challenges becomes a gateway to self-discovery and growth.

Conclusion: Embracing the Celestial Tapestry

In 2023, the cosmic dance gifted us 66 Portaldays, while 2024 promises an even grander spectacle with 81 days of cosmic portals. As we continue navigating these celestial gateways, let us embrace the magic, wisdom, and transformative power they hold. In transcending the ordinary, we step into the extraordinary tapestry of the Mayan calendar, weaving our own stories into the fabric of the cosmos. May these cosmic revelations guide us on a journey of self-discovery, connecting us with the profound essence of our existence and the cosmic dance that unites us all.

The Tzolkʼin