In 2023, the cosmic dance gifted us 66 Portaldays, while 2024 promises an even grander spectacle with 79 days of cosmic portals. Embrace the magic, wisdom, and transformative power as we navigate these celestial gateways, transcending the ordinary into the extraordinary tapestry of the Mayan calendar.

2024 unfolds with 79 portal days, 20 center days, and one auspicious beginning of the Mayan year. Delve into the fascinating facts about these portal days in our detailed article, unlocking the secrets of cosmic energies and the profound significance of each day. As the cosmic dance continues, immerse yourself in this celestial journey, where wisdom and magic converge, shaping the extraordinary fabric of your own cosmic story.


5 Portal Days

  • Monday, 5th of January
  • Saturday, 13th of January
  • Tuesday, 16th of January
  • Sunday, 21st of January
  • Wednesday, 24th of January

10 Portal Days
(10 of 10 in a row)

  • Saturday, 3rd of February
  • Sunday, 4th of February
  • Monday, 5th of February
  • Tuesday, 6th of February
  • Wednesday, 7th of February
  • Thursday, 8th of February
  • Friday, 9th of February
  • Saturday, 10th of February
  • Sunday, 11th of February
  • Monday, 12th of February

12 Center Days
(12 of 20 in a row)

  • Sunday, 18th of February
  • Monday, 19th of February
  • Tuesday, 20th of February
  • Wednesday, 21st of February
  • Thursday, 22nd of February
  • Friday, 23rd of February
  • Saturday, 24th of February
  • Sunday, 25th of February
  • Monday, 26th of February
  • Tuesday, 27th of February
  • Wednesday, 28th of February
  • Thursday, 29th of February (Leap Year)

Annual Circle Festival:

Imbolc Festival of Lights

MARCH 2024

8 Center Days
(8 of 20 in a row)

  • Friday, 1st of March
  • Saturday, 2nd of March
  • Sunday, 3rd of March
  • Monday, 4th of March
  • Tuesday, 5th of March
  • Wednesday, 6th of March
  • Thursday, 7th of March
  • Friday, 8th of March

9 Portal Days
(10 of 10 in a row)

  • Friday, 15th of March
  • Saturday, 16th of March
  • Sunday, 17th of March
  • Monday, 18th of March
  • Tuesday, 19th of March
  • Wednesday, 20th of March
  • Thursday, 21st of March
  • Friday, 22nd of March
  • Saturday, 23rd of March
  • Sunday, 24th of March

Annual Circle Festival:

APRIL 2024

7 Portal Days

  • Saturday, 6th of April
  • Thursday, 11th of April
  • Sunday, 14th of April
  • Monday, 22nd of April
  • Saturday, 27th of April
  • Tuesday, 30th of April
MAY 2024

6 Portal Days
(2 of 2 in a row)

  • Sunday, 5th of May
  • Saturday, 11th of May
  • Saturday, 18th of May
  • Sunday, 19th of May
  • Sunday, 26th of May
  • Thursday, 30th of May

Annual Circle Festival:
Beltane Festival of

JUNE 2024

2 Portal Days

  • Sunday, 16th of June
  • Tuesday, 18th of June

Annual festival: Litta

JULY 2024

4 Portal Days

  • Sunday, 7th of July
  • Monday, 8th of July (beginning of the new Maya year)
  • Saturday, 27th of July
  • Monday, 29th of July
AUG 2024

4 Portal Days
(2 of 2 in a row)

  • Thursday, 15th of August
  • Monday, 19th of August
  • Monday, 26th of August
  • Tuesday, 27th of August

Annual Circle Festival:
Lughnasad Festival of Lights


6 Portal Days

  • Tuesday, 3rd of September
  • Monday, 9th of September
  • Saturday, 14th of September
  • Tuesday, 17th of September
  • Sunday, 22nd of September
  • Monday, 30th of September

Annual circle festival:


13 Portal Days
(10 of 10 in a row)

  • Thursday, 3rd of October
  • Tuesday, 8th of October
  • Friday, 11th of October
  • Monday, 21st of October
  • Tuesday, 22nd of October
  • Wednesday, 23rd of October
  • Thursday, 24th of October
  • Friday, 25th of October
  • Saturday, 26th of October
  • Sunday, 27th of October
  • Monday, 28th of October
  • Tuesday, 29th of October
  • Wednesday, 30th of October

Annual Circle Festival:


1 Portal Day
(1 of 2 in a row)

  • Saturday, 30th of November

13 Portal Days
(1 of 2 in a row & 10 of 10 in a row)

  • Sunday, 1st of December
  • Monday, 2nd of December
  • Tuesday, 3rd of December
  • Wednesday, 4th of December
  • Thursday, 5th of December
  • Friday, 6th of December
  • Sunday, 8th of December
  • Monday, 9th of December
  • Thursday, 19th of December
  • Sunday, 22nd of December
  • Friday, 27th of December
  • Monday, 30th of December

Annual Circle Festival:
Jul Festival of Lights