In the heart of Rishikesh, where the Ganga purifies and spirituality flows like the sacred river, my path intertwined with the rhythmic purr of a Royal Enfield and the dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Our Royal Enfield: Lovestory on two wheels
©2024 Sabine Angel

Chapter One: The Enfield’s Embrace

Rahul, the guardian of this magnificent machine, took me on a journey beyond the confines of the Osho Ashram. Our destination—a secluded waterfall, a natural haven resonating with the ancient tales of the cosmic dance.

The Enfield Chronicles: A Cosmic Ballet

Seated on the back of the Enfield, I felt the dance unfold beneath its wheels. It wasn’t just a ride; it was a communion with the sacred energies of Shiva and Shakti—the dance of withdrawal and enticement, echoing the spiritual teachings of Osho.

The Waterfall’s Whisper

As the waterfall embraced us, its cascade mirrored the ebb and flow of energies within. In that moment, we stumbled upon the sacred essence of Tantra—not merely a physical union but a fusion of meditation, breath, and enlightenment.

Enfield: Our Divine Chariot

From that day forth, the Enfield became our chariot through the sacred landscapes of India. Each ride is a pilgrimage, with the wind revealing the ancient secrets and the Enfield humming the rhythm of the cosmos.

Sabine Angel at the Ghat of Ganga
©2024 Sabine Angel
Sabine Angel in the Osho Ashram (Osho Gangadham
©2024 Sabine Angel

Sacred Union of Roads Traveled

This journey echoes the teachings of spiritual luminaries, and it is a testament to the sacred union of roads traveled, where the Enfield becomes not just a machine but a conduit for spiritual exploration.

May the wheels of the Enfield continue to carry us through the dance of life, revealing the magic hidden in the journey itself.

Shiva in Rishikesh

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