Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than meets the eye? What if our existence extends beyond this physical world, and our souls embark on a grand journey through multiple lifetimes? This is the essence of the profound experience I’m about to share – a glimpse into the enigmatic realm before this life, where the profound mysteries of the being unfold.

Beyond the Celestial Gateway

Imagine a boundless expanse, an ethereal domain where language falters and imagination reigns supreme. In this sacred space, I stood patiently at the majestic gates of what one might call heaven, accompanied by a celestial being – perhaps Peter, if we’re to draw parallels to human mythology. Here, I witnessed another soul selecting their earthly path. A vision unfolded before us: a radiant blonde woman embarking on a life seemingly blessed with ease and grace – a grand house, overflowing with love, admiration, and material comfort.

Beyond Heavens Gates: A Soul Remembers Choosing Life
©2024 Sabine Angel
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The Celestial Boutique: Choosing a Life

As the soul descended to Earth, a portal opened before me, revealing a vast, ethereal space that defied description. Here, lives were displayed in an orderly fashion, like garments on ornate racks or precious wares on gilded shelves in a celestial boutique. Though a sense of destiny pervaded, the choice of my forthcoming life was ultimately mine, guided by the ever-present presence of God.

God’s Presence: A Gentle Voice and Radiant Warmth

Within this divine realm, God’s essence wasn’t a distinct entity but a gentle, soothing voice infused with vibrant colors and comforting warmth. My life unfolded before me like scenes in a captivating film, offering fleeting glimpses and the full picture simultaneously. Witnessing the seemingly effortless path chosen by the other soul, I confessed to God a flicker of longing for such an existence.

Embracing My Destiny: Challenges and Growth

In response, God’s benevolent smile conveyed a profound truth: my life, though potentially challenging, was meticulously crafted for my unique growth and learning. While I acknowledged this wisdom, a poignant yearning for the easier path lingered. Yet, God’s unwavering love and amusement ultimately guided my acceptance. With a newfound certainty, I embraced my chosen destiny, metaphorical teeth metaphorically gritted, yet ready to face the tapestry of experiences woven into my life – a tapestry that would undoubtedly hold both joy and hardship.

Beyond Heavens Gates: A Soul Remembers Choosing Life
©2024 Sabine Angel
(Pic Canva)

With a patient, loving smile, God conveyed the understanding that my life was uniquely crafted for me. It would hold challenges, yes, but also immense opportunities for growth and learning.

Hesitantly, but with a newfound certainty that God’s plan held my best interest, I agreed. And so, here I am, on Earth, ready to embrace my life’s tapestry, woven with both joy and hardship.

Do You Remember?

Do you, too, retain vivid memories from before your birth? If so, I’d be honored to hear your enchanting stories and experiences. Perhaps by sharing our journeys, we can gain a deeper understanding of our souls’ essence, purpose, and the profound path that lies ahead.

Is There Really a Place Like Heaven?

Yes, there is a place like the heaven I described. This experience was so real and profound that it left an indelible mark on my soul.

Countless accounts from spiritual individuals, near-death experiences, and past-life regressions all point to this truth. We are not alone in this experience. It seems that beyond our earthly existence lies a dimension where we choose our soul’s path and prepare for our next life.

Choosing Our Lives

The question of whether we truly choose our own lives is multifaceted. On one hand, I believe we are granted free will. On the other hand, God, the creator of all that is, possesses omniscience and knows what experiences we need for our spiritual growth.

Perhaps it’s a collaboration between our souls and God, where we choose the circumstances that best support our journey, and within that framework, we exercise our agency and make our choices.

Glimpsing Stories From Before This Life

There are various avenues to access information about stories from before this life. Channeling, Akashic readings, and past-life regressions can offer us glimpses into these times.

However, it’s important to approach this information with discernment. These are mere snapshots of alternative possibilities, not blueprints for our current lives.

The Significance of Our Memories

Few people retain memories from before birth. Yet, these very experiences can hold profound insights into our soul’s essence, our purpose, and our potential.

By sharing our memories and remaining open to spiritual experiences, we can connect with ourselves and our origins on a deeper level.

Inspiration and Courage

May my story inspire you to embark on your own quest for spiritual experiences. Trust your intuition and be receptive to the messages the universe sends you.

Have the courage to walk your own path and fulfill your life’s purpose. For every life, simple or complex, holds its own unique value and contributes to the grand tapestry of existence.

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